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Cheesette Stovall Ministries is excited to announce the release of our first partnership campaign. The goal of this campaign is to assist the ministry with the launch of Secret Wives Society chapters and the CAMM Conferences. We are going global with our mission to preach the Word of God all over the entire globe, starting with our local neighbors and then expanding to the impoverished areas of Africa and Asia.

Your gift of just $25 a month can help us change marriages around the world.

How much would you give to save marriages around the world? Believe it or not, marriages are suffering and a dynamic representation of the Gospel of Grace is needed to change the course of marriage so we can ultimately change the destination of families. The power of God is available to them that believe and that power extends to our marriage covenants. Yet, there divorce is rampant both in the world and in the church, but with your help you can change that.

For just a monthly commitment of $25, you will help us take our message to a larger audience, giving us a greater opportunity to preach hope and faith to the people who think their marriage is beyond saving. You will also empower singles in their faith journey toward marriage as we seek to make sure they have the tools necessary to live a successful life as a single preparing for the spouse God has for them.

We know that God can bless those inside Church walls, but there are millions of people outside the church world who need the same blessing, and by partnering with us, we can reach them right where they are.

You may think, what can such a small donation do for somebody? However, the reality is God doesn’t need much to make a huge impact. With Him, even the smallest amount can reach multitudes. It is time for us to gather up our small amounts and go and change the world.

In addition to empowering others to enjoy their life and marriage, as a partner you will also receive:

• Monthly personalized letters by via email
• Monthly partner video
• Coaching from Cheesette via videos/letters
• Monthly confessions
• Discount on product-offers

In my heart, I believe this is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your faith in God’s ability to heal people and restore honor and peace to all marriages, including yours. Get on board today and let’s get the job done!

Click on the donate link to get started.