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  • The Wife and Her Friends!

    This blog is especially for married women, but I strongly urge single women to listen up and be prepared to learn a thing or two. As I have stated in times past, my heart is really with single women who desire marriage and are wondering why they’ve not reached that milestone in their lives. The more »

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  • Becoming Marriage Minded

    Success is the result of preparation that collides with opportunity. We know God is never short on providing us with opportunities, so the question then becomes are we prepared to walk into them? I am convinced that so many men and women are not marrying, not because they are unable to find a mate, but because they are truly not prepared for marriage. Keep in mind that preparation takes place in levels …

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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to our new updated website! We’re still working on things around here, so bear with us while we’re still a work in progress. Thanks! We have some great things in store.

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