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About Cheesette

Cheesette Cowan, nee Stovall, calls Tampa, Florida home and shares her life with her husband, Carey L. Cowan, daughter, Aubrey Sky Cowan, and bonus daughters, Kayla, Kamari and Kaliyah. Cheesette has a passion and love for her family that is only surpassed by her passion and devotion to God. She holds a degree in Christian Studies from World Changes Bible School, as well as a master’s in mass communications and journalism from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. She is also a graduate of Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cheesette believes God has called her to teach biblical truths that empower people, both believers and lost souls, to let God and His word guide them in their daily lives. She understands what it’s like to struggle mentally, physically and emotionally, which is why her story resonates with people from all walks of life. As an ordained minister, evangelist, conference speaker, author, ghost writer, editor, blogger and publishing consultant, Cheesette has faced many struggles to get where she is today. Her father was tragically murdered when she was a kid, leaving only her mother to raise her. She and her mother lived in low-income housing and struggled financially and emotionally for many years. It was during these times that God revealed Himself and His plan to her. This also became the foundation for why she has dedicated her life to preaching the Gospel and helping others discover their God-given destiny.

Cheesette is especially focused on mentoring single women in the sacred commitment of marriage. As a wife enthusiast, she helps prepare women to not only become wives, but to also understand the importance of putting God first in their lives and marriage. This involves teaching women how to be pure, chaste and holy by embracing the love God has to offer. Her marriage ministries, Cultivating and Marriage Mindset and Secret Wives Society, are modeled after the Titus 2 mandate which calls for connecting single, soon-to-be wives with older, more mature married women who can mentor them on their journey.

Cheesette has a nationwide following and travels all over the country to spread the Gospel. If you would like to attend one of Cheesette’s speaking engagements, please visit the events page to find out when she will be in your area. For those that are unable to attend a speaking engagement, Cheesette has authored two books to date:

~ How to Cultivate a Marriage Mindset: The Single Person’s Guide to a Married Person’s Mind
~ What You Need to Know About Faith: How to Get From Believing to Results

These books are available in the online store.

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